Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Children across America have been looking forward to the end of June since the beginning of September. They all know that the end of June equals summer, and that means vacation. Time to drop the books and uniforms and get ready to play!

Well, life isn't all about playing, and summer isn't about doing nothing. The children need something constructive to do with their time and talents. True, children need to play. And it's also true that they need recreation. But temperance should prevail: don't give them too little to do and don't give them too much to do.

We at South Brooklyn believe that one of the most wholesome activities children can immerse themselves in during the summer months is Vacation Bible School (or just VBS for short). Our VBS this year is based on the "Castles & Crowns" evangelism curriculum. It runs for two weeks, from June 5 to July 16, 2010, from 8:30AM to 1:00PM. During that time, the children sing Bible songs, play Bible games, engage in physical activity like bike and skateboard riding, meet new friends, create arts and crafts, and make new friends, all under the watchful eyes of dedicated staff in a Christian environment.

You should see the children. They're enjoying themselves so much they don't want to go. Instead of reciting the words to songs that talk about negative lifestyles they're singing about Jesus being good to them. Instead of talking about the Diary of a Wimpy Kid they're talking about King Joash. Instead of running the streets they're riding bikes and skateboards.

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Elder Marcia Phillip, our Sabbath School Superintendent, implemented the program this year. She is supported by Sisters Diana Cato, Akesia Phillip, Anika McShine, Akilah Phillip, and a few volunteers. They are responsible for sharing Jesus Christ and a safe, Christian environment with your children.

Do you have children that would benefit from such a program? Maybe you know someone with children who would do well to enroll their children? Come out and join us. Spread the word. It's better for your children to be in such an environment instead of places where they would not get the same nurturing.

There's only one week left, so take advantage of the opportunity while you can. Once it's over there won't be another VBS until next year. We have a graduation planned at the end for all of the children who participated. Why not come out and support them? They would love it. (Stay tuned for details of the graduation.)

God bless you, as you bless others.
Elder Scott Hampton

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